Module Overview

Module 1 : Doctrine of the Scriptures (Bibliology)

  When starting a personal journey in ministry, it must begin with the understanding of God’s Word. There are ten segments to this module which breaks down various parts of the Bible, its origin, purpose, and history to name a few. This module is a prerequisite module before a student can take any other module. 

Module 2: Doctrine of God (Theology) 

Theology is the study of God and the relations between God and the universe, the study of religious doctrines and matters of divinity. There are eight segments to this module which cover the numerous names we have God, His nature, attributes, works, existence, and all aspects of the Trinity. This module is a prerequisite module before a student can take the Doctrine of Angels and the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit modules.

Module 3: Doctrine of Man (Anthropology) 

Come from the Greek word “Anthropos” meaning man. Here, this study explores God’s greatest creation; man. There are eight segments to this module which cover man’s Divine purpose, his soul, image and creation as a start. This module is a prerequisite module before a student can take the Doctrine of Sin and the Doctrine of Salvation. 

Module 4: Doctrine of Sin (Hamartiology) 

The Bible teaches, sin began in the angelic world (Ezekiel 28:11-19; Isa. 14:12-20) and is transmitted into the blood of the human race through disobedience and deception motivated by unbelief (I Tim. 2:14). There are nine segments to this module which cover sin, the problem, origin to the very penalty of sin. 

Module 5: Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology)

It deals with the application of the work of redemption to the sinner and his restoration to divine favor and communion with God. There are two segments to this module which covers the provision that has been made and the application of the provisions.

Module 6:  Doctrine of The Holy Ghost (Pneumatology)

Pneumatology studies the Third person of the Trinity, which proceeds from the father and Son, is of the same substance, equal in power and glory. In this study, each laity person will enter in more granular look into the ministry of the Holy Spirit along with the outworking of His characteristics. There are seven segments to this module which covers the fruit of the Spirit, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, offenses, and the works to name few. 

Module 7: Doctrine of The Church (Ecclesiology)

This module will dive into the very doctrine of the church, its foundation, the contemporary movements such as ecumenical and the charismatic movements along with the worship among the Foursquare Gospel and other Pentecostal churches. This module has nine segments to complete.

Module 8: Doctrine of Divine Healing 

The Divine Healing is the power of the Lord Jesus Christ can and will heal the sick and the afflicted in answer to believing prayer. Understand this concept; this particular model is very lengthy due to the complexity as it deals with ¼ of the Foursquare Gospel where there is a lot of misunderstandings resonate. This module contains 14 segments

Module 9: Doctrine of Angels (Angelology) 

The are three significant areas of study which will drive the understanding of Angelology: holy angels, fallen angels (demons), Satan. Within this module, these three segments of study cover every aspect the scriptures bring to light these celestial beings.  

Module 10: Doctrine of Last Things (Eschatology)

Collectively this doctrinal study explores the last events of sacred history, including all that is beyond this life and this age as well as the final events of this present age. The module has nine segments. 

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