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Course Information

Attendance Requirement

​There no attendance requirement since this is a self-paced course. However, this course does require HEAVY reading and in-depth discussions. Each student and should allow themselves one to two years to complete the course. Every three months there will be a one-hour face-to-face meeting with the Pastor to discuss each laity’s progress, spiritual constitution, work-life balance, and any concerns or challenges they may be having. These meetings are mandatory and should be scheduled within the first two weeks of the first month of that quarter.  

Student Learner Responsibilities

Each laity minister will be required to complete each segment of the study at their own pace. After each section, each person will complete the discussion questions reflecting the material assigned. Once all units are complete within the module, a module paper will be crafted addressing all area prescribe within the rubric. Once their paper is submitted for review, the student can proceed to the next module. Modules can be taken out of order as long as the required prerequisites have been satisfied. Papers and discussion must meet APA format, written in Times Romans font 12 pitch. Also, each portion of course work (papers, sermons, and discussions) should be free and grammatically correct before submission. All documents must be saved in Google Docs and shared with the Associate Pastor to review.


Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read and absorb the material. If clarification is needed about the content, discussion questions, or module papers feel free to call, email, or set an appointment with the Pastor or Associate Pastor to address your concerns or challenges you may have throughout the course. A ministry journey can be one with many challenges to the "flesh"; however, if the minster walks after the spirit (Rom. 8:1) he/she will gain the knowledge and the wisdom of Jesus Christ and be successful in the what they are called too.

Grade Scale 

A= 90% or above (900-1000 points)
B= 80% - 89% (800-899 points)
C= 70% - 79% (700-799 points)
D= 60% - 69% (600-699 points)
Failing - 59% or below (599 points or less) 

Grade Breakdown

Segment Discussions @ 6 points each x 60 = 360 points
Module Papers @ 50 points each x 10 = 500 points
Sermon @ 40 points
Final Paper @ 100 points
Total Point Total = 1000 points 

Doctrines of Study

Doctrine of the Scriptures (Bibliology)

Doctrine of The Holy Ghost (Pneumatology)

Doctrine of God (Theology) ​

Doctrine of The Church (Ecclesiology)

Doctrine of Man (Anthropology)​

Doctrine of Divine Healing

Doctrine of Sin (Hamartiology) ​

Doctrine of Angels (Angelology)

Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology) ​

Doctrine of Last Things (Eschatology)

Module Descriptions


​Duffield, G. P., & Van Cleave, N. (1987). Foundations of Pentecostal Theology. Los Angeles: L.I.F.E. Bible College.

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