Doctrine of Man (Anthropology)

Module 3: Doctrine of Man (Anthropology) – Come from the Greek word “Anthropos” meaning man. Here, this study explores God’s greatest creation; man. There are eight segments to this module which cover Man’s divine purpose, his soul, image, and creation as a start. This module is a prerequisite module before a student can take the Doctrine of Sin and the Doctrine of Salvation.

Goal: The goal of the laity minister is to describe the Doctrine of Man as he is portrayed according to the Scriptures.

Learning Objectives: Given the information present at the end of this Module the laity minister will be able to:

  • Explain Man’s introduction into the world and his divine purpose and the scriptural references for each.

  • Explain Man’s image to God and his being with the scriptural references for each.

  • Discuss Man’s fall and his state grace with the scriptural references for each.

Discussion – Each laity minister will answer the discussion questions which the Pastor will pose to gauge their understanding of the segment. Each discussion response will be 200-350 words summarizing the material for that segment.

Module Paper - Each laity minister will complete a 2-3-page paper after the module explain who Man is as it portrayed by the scriptures depicting every aspect of him containing all biblical references used within the body of the paper and submitted for grading. 

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